Lady footballers

the strange birth of women's football

by Stuart Gibbs


erschienen im Mai 2018.

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ISBN 978-3-947340-03-3

back in 1881

Stuart Gibbs leads us towards a period when football as a sport was still in its early stages.  Just 10 years prior to the first recorded match of women's football the FA played their first national cup. Why did 22 girls from Scotland decided to play their first match an even toured through Northern England so early?


The people who saw the matches often didn't know what to think of. Thus its was not astonishing, that some matches ended in a riot as the spectators storrmed the field - even the first female hooligans had their premier during one of the matches by the "Scotland vs. England" encounters.

The pitch as a stage

Gibbs helps us to look behind the scene. He informs us where some of the girls came from (smetimes from a theatrical background) and what they did afterwards. He also showed, that it wasn't over in 1881 and continued ar least up to 1887. He finally takes us to the 1920s when Rutherglen became Scotland's leading force, even superior to the Dick Kerr's Ladies in some years.