About Us

 Les Sport et la Femme is a publishing house specialized in the history of women's football. The focus is on the developement of the game before WW II but occasionally reaches out as far as 1970. Featured regions are Europe and Oceania. In Europe the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Austria will be the first countries to get not only a extensive written history but also a complete as possible statistical sections with any information you need like matches with results, line-ups etc., local and national championships or cups and of course all the international matches played in Europe long before women's football became a part of FIFA. Whenever it is possible photographs are included. As great Britain plays an important role in women's football from the very beginning several works are planned. Among these are monographies on the BLFC, on the munitionettes football as well as the many teams which kept the spirit alive in the 20s, 30s and 40s.